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Measuring Effectiveness will show you and your team how to master the fundamentals of statistics and decipher data for dead-on decision making.

Measuring Effectiveness enables people to understand and use data to answer questions, make decisions, and operate organizations more effectively while increasing profitability.

30 years of experience analyzing data to test hypotheses and answer questions

Measuring Effectiveness's customized data literacy services include:

  • Identifying knowledge gaps among employees

  • Designing and delivering learning experiences tailored to your employees
  • Teaching employees to master the fundamental of data analytics

  • Increasing employees' skills and confidence to work with and make sense of data
  • Identifying and facilitate understanding of the Google Analytics reports and metrics that give you the best information about your website's visibility and traffic.

Measuring Effectiveness is uniquely qualified to help you…

Over a decade teaching hundreds of college students how to make the connection between asking questions and using statistics to answer them

Performed Work For:
Performed Work For:

Demystify your organization’s data with Measuring Effectiveness to make decisions that increase your organization’s revenue.

Reduce the risk of making bad decisions while increasing revenue with Measuring Effectiveness’s customized data literacy services.